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Charleston received first-place honors from the U.S. Conference of Mayors in June 2009 for the “Most Livable City in America”

Charleston – Structure

Charleston is the second largest city in South Carolina. It is divided into six main areas:

  • Downtown Charleston (Historic Charleston)
  • West Ashley
  • Daniel Island
  • Johns Island
  • James Island
  • Kiawah/ Seabrook Islands.

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What we now call the “historic district” was once a small town called Charleston. Since then, the city continually and steadily expanded in each available direction, growing outward in a radial or semi-circle pattern in stages. Hence, when you travel out of Charleston in a straight line, you can notice the stages of development in a somewhat semi-circle pattern with Downtown at the focal point of it all.

The older the area, the more prestigious. That’s why land values steadily rise the closer that you get to the heart of Charleston, and the peak at South of Broad.

Charleston – Culture

Charleston is a unique area of the United States which has been a melting pot of different cultures. Because of the different cultural influences, Charleston actually has developed its own dialect, which is a beautiful unique southern accent. Charleston is a very fun and diverse city, and has been recognized as an area that has been named as the most polite city in America and also the sexiest city in America.

The world knows many parts around Charleston for Golf, Country Living, and Beaches – a perfect resort type town. Charleston Residents enjoy just about any water activity that you can think of. Boating and fishing are some of the locals favorite activities. Charleston citizens also enjoy a great night life and a fantastic arts scene. There really is something for everybody in this historic city!

Charleston – Economy

Charleston is a bustling city and will continue to remain as such with a strong economic advantage in one of the most unique ports in the United States. New industry continues to favor the area, for example Boeing produced it’s new 787 Dreamliner facility in North Charleston.

One of the indicators that a place is fantastic to live is by checking out the tourism industry. Charleston certainly thrives on the hosts of people which travel from around the world. Exquisite hotels, world class dining, and the best entertainment a city can offer are all found in Charleston.

One surefire way to tell that the economy is strong in Charleston is the value of the real estate. People want to live where there is work, and where there is work there is demand for housing. This housing demand drives the cost of real estate up, and Charleston is no exception to high dollar homes. Charleston has some of the most coveted homes in the country, making the city a fantastic investment.

Charleston – Atmosphere

With over 600,000 of the most friendly people in the America, this is a city which is set apart as one of the most enchanting in America. Along with there is a never ending list of things to do in Charleston. And because of the rich history, this is a popular place for tourists from not only the United States, but also from the world.

When you enter Charleston you feel as though you’ve walked into an enchanting piece of history. Historic Downtown has the old time American feel with winding roads, beautiful architecture, and neat colonial style buildings. All at the same time, the city also somehow has a small town feel to it as well.

The annual Charleston Fashion Week is held in March every year in Marion Square. Besides that, the annual Spoleto Festival USA is held for 17 days and nights in the spring and features performances by artists in theater, dance and music.

Charleston – Entertainment

Charleston is also home to Charleston Battery a soccer team which provides great family entertainment. Charleston RiverDog a Minor League Baseball team and the and Charleston Outlaws, a Rugby Football Club.

Residents here are also excellent at finding their own entertainment. In most areas, that may sound like a drag, but in Charleston the options are endless. With gorgeous country sides, there are a vast number of outdoor activities to enjoy. And then of course, the water activities in Charleston are able to keep one entertained for weeks during the summer.

There are hundreds of different dining establishments in Charleston, many of them are high class fine dining, and many are casual as well. Charleston is also known for its beautiful gardens, which have been influenced from French, African, Spanish, and Caribbean immigrants which have shaped Charleston’s history. Charleston is a city full of life! Come see what you can enjoy!

Charleston – History

Charleston is also known for its historical sites. Museums such as Charleston Museum amd Gibbes Museum of Art as well as theaters like the Dock Street Theatre and Pure Theatre are only some of the attractions in Charleston. There are also a few parks around the city.

Charleston – Tourism

Tourism is a huge part of the Charleston Economy. There are hundreds of events happening in Charleston each year. One of the nice things about Charleston is the fact that it does not have any of the activities that many of the major metros which America has, such as the NBA or NFL. The exclusion of these sport outlets attributes to the unique small town feel and charm of Charleston.

Rather than spend time watching sports, tourists and residents alike enjoy the beautiful gardens, historical sites, and world class activities in the golfing, horseback riding, and dining.

If you aren’t sure about moving to Charleston yet, you must at least come visit. Of course, the only thing better than touring in Charleston is actually living Charleston. A great place to start you tour planning is the Charleston Visitors Bureau. You can visit it by:

Clicking Here

Charleston – Weather

Winters are never to cold, and summers are never to hot. The average low is 43 degrees in the coldest part of the winter, and the average high is 88 in the hottest part of the summer. Also, Charleston has over 300 days of sunshine each year, with consistent rain at any time of year.

Charleston – Demographics

Charleston South Carolina has been a quickly growing area. In the last ten years, Charleston grew over 21%, compared to 9% for America. Charleston has a unique mix of residents which brings a vibrant energy to the city. Many of the new residents which have flocked to Charleston are highly educated seeking professional employment or bringing work opportunities with them. Population by Race:

  • 65% White
  • 31% Black or African American
  • 6% Other

Charleston is also a very young city, with 51.6% of residents being under the age of 34.

Charleston – Education

Education is vital to Charleston’s growth and success. From before kindergarten to the university level, Charleston provides the best opportunities for citizens to excel by gaining as much education as possible.

Charleston Education Profile: High School Diploma percentage for Charleston is 87%, which is two points higher than the US. Also, 31% of residents have a bachelors degree or higher in Charleston.

Colleges Include:The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina. Students of the Citadel typically live on campus and have the option to purchase real estate in their later years. College of Charleston is a large college, covering 12 city blocks right in the heart of Historic Charleston and Radcliffeborough. Many students rent here making it a fantastic place to purchase investment property. Others include the educational institutions in Charleston include Bishop England, and the Charleston School.

Charleston – Housing Stats

As mentioned before, Charleston has some of the most coveted homes in America. This enchanting area has some high dollar real estate.

In 2010 there a recorded 259,987 homes in Charleston, which was an increase of 52,000 homes from the previous decade.

The median household income in Charleston is $48,000 per home, while the average household income is $63,000. The large jump from the median to average income indicates that Charleston has some very wealthy individuals which, when their income is factored in, greatly raises the average.

Types of Real Estate in Charleston:

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Real Estate Info For the Charleston Market

Charleston is continuing to grow, and is actually one of the fastest growing metros in the US. This is a great sign for those looking to purchase real estate in Charleston, and those who currently own real estate. The constant growth suggests that value of real estate will rise, regardless of the housing industry downturn.

Charleston South Carolina is one of the most popular places in America for people wanting to own real estate in a beautiful part of America. In fact, Charleston South Carolina, which is twice as large as Charleston West Virginia, receives nearly four times more real estate searches than it’s WV counterpart. The reason? Charleston South Carolina is one of the most beautiful, unique coastal cities in the world. This area is where people want to be. The natural beauty of this eastern city draws people from all over, and keeps the value of real estate in Charleston high.

With over 2,400 homes for sale there is something for everybody in Charleston SC, homes may be several million dollars, but also can fall as low a $100,000. The median sales price of a home in Charleston right now is roughly $450,000, while the average sale price is below $200,000. That simply means that higher dollar homes sit on the market for a longer amount of time, and sellers may be tempted to drop listing prices. This gives buyers huge negotiating power when looking to buy a high dollar home in Charleston.